Fees and Insurance

Chiropractic Care is covered by most Insurances


Professional fees

First consultation: 80 euro, includes private consult with Dr. Fitzgerald, examination and first treatment.
Follow-up consultations/treatment: 57 euro, includes evaluation of progress and treatment.
No additional fees are charged for Dry needling, kinesiotape, etc.


Payment of professional fees can be in the form of cash or bank transfer.
We DO NOT have a pin machine at this time.
After payment you will receive a receipt with the description of the services performed for your insurance company.


A referral from your GP is usually NOT necessary (exception Alliance insurance).

We will be happy to help you in getting reimbursed by your insurance company by filling out any required paper work or forms, however, the agreement (contract) is between you and your insurance company and ultimately you are responsible to be informed about your insurance policy.
Contact your insurance company if you have any doubts about your coverage.

If you have Dutch insurance, chiropractic falls under the alternative healthcare coverage and is paid through your supplemental (aanvullende) policy. With Dutch insurance policy’s there is no deductable (eigen risico) applied because Chiropractic is considered a specialty.

To check your specific chiropractic policy check link below.

 Chiropractic Insurance Coverage 2021

Scott Fitzgerald D.C. is a member of the Netherlands Chiropractic Association (NCA) and the Netherlands Foundation for Chiropractic (SCN).  He is a recognized and registered Chiropractor so all services are reimbursed by Dutch health insurers.